Common Core

common-core-state-standards-initiative-logoPreK-8 Guide

In 2012, Project Learning Tree correlated its PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide to the Common Core State Standards for both English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The Cover Page document below provides guidance for using both sets of Common Core Standards correlations.

Cover Page for ELA and Math Common Core Correlations for PLT’s PreK-8 Guide

English Language Arts and PLT Correlation
     English Language Arts Reverse Correlation for K-2
     English Language Arts Reverse Correlation for 3-5
     English Language Arts Reverse Correlation for 6-8

Mathematics and PLT Correlation
     Mathematics Reverse Correlation

Secondary Materials, Grades 9-12

In 2014, PLT completed correlations for 3 of its secondary modules with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (ELA).

Introduction to PLT-Common Core ELA Correlations

ELA and Focus on Forests 
ELA and Forests of the World
ELA Places We Live

Energy & Society Kit Common Core Correlations

PLT’s Energy & Society Kit activities help educators address many Common Core State Standards. The following correlations reference each activity as they are written in PLT’s Energy & Society Activity Guide. They do not reflect activity modifications and enhancements. In addition, if a Common Core Standard is addressed in the background information for an activity, but not in the activity itself, the correlation to that standard is not listed in the following charts.

CCSS ELA and Energy & Society Curriculum

CCSS Mathematics and Energy & Society Curriculum