Summer Programs for Educators

Every summer, PLT programs across the country offer multi-day teachers’ tours and week-long forestry institutes. Learn more about what to expect and find a tour.

STEM: Looking at Leaves

Engage students in STEM to examine the physical characteristics of leaves and investigate how they can be used to identify trees with Project Learning Tree’s Looking At Leaves activity.

Outstanding Educator
Dave Shafer

Dave Shafer uses the outdoors to teach a range of STEM topics to students at Skiles Test Elementary School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Outstanding Educator
Alice Garcia

Alice Garcia uses PLT with her fourth grade classroom and trained the entire staff at Will Rogers Elementary School in Holly, Michigan, in PLT.

STEM: Field, Forest, and Stream

Students investigate the interactions between living and non-living components in three local ecosystems with Project Learning Tree’s Field, Forest, and Stream activity.


Energy & Society Kit

Best used with students in grades 4-8, PLT’s Energy & Society Kit develops students’ critical thinking skills for making decisions about their personal energy use.