Outstanding Educator
Annie Oxarart

Annie Oxarart is an environmental education program coordinator at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who led Florida’s GreenSchools pilot program.

Outstanding Educator
John Hunt

John Hunt is a professor in the Teacher Education & Leadership program at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi, and is committed to environmental education.

Outstanding Educator
Robert Raze

Robert Raze is a professor at St. Petersburg College in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where he uses PLT to prepare pre-service teachers for their careers.


Exploring Forestry as a Career

A forester explains what the life of a forester actually entails and how she inspires students to explore jobs that will take them outside.


ELM: Environmental Learning Multiplied, in Denver

Multiplication often results in ending up with more than you had at the start. That’s what happened with Environmental Learning Multiplied, or ELM, a program that took place at Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver.

Outstanding Educator
Usha Rajdev

Usha is an Associate Professor at Marymount University in Virginia who trains her students to utilize PLT’s resources and has led teaching groups to India.

Outstanding Educator
Karen Mack

Karen, a Co-Director at Aleph Academy who teaches at the University of Nevada in Reno, has trained thousands of educators in PLT workshops.