Outstanding Educator
Sara Forness

Sara Forness is an environmental science and field biology teacher at West Fargo High School in North Dakota who helps students interact with the community.

Outstanding Educator
Matthew Schnabel

Matthew (Matt) Schnabel, a science teacher at White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina, uses PLT to teach AP Environmental Science and other courses.

Outstanding Educator
Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson teaches mathematics at New Britain High School, Connecticut. He uses environment-based problems in his lessons and helps students make data-driven decisions.

Outstanding Educator
Kathleen Yeloushan

Kathleen Yeloushan is an education coordinator at Renaissance High School in Clarkston, Michigan, and works to provide PLT training for all local science educators.


Why Teach Outside in Winter?

Teaching outside year-round is a rewarding experience for students of all ages. Teachers in Maine share how to make winter outdoor learning safe and fun.


Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education

Enthusiasm for learning. Empowered to make a difference. Improved health and academic performance. Just some of the benefits of EE for youth, educators, schools, communities.

Outstanding Educators
Cheri Goggin

Cheri Goggin is a science teacher at Berkshire Junior/Senior High School in Burton, Ohio. She uses GreenSchools Investigations to make learning fun for her students.

Outstanding Educator
Meera Varigonda

Meera Varigonda is an English Language Learners Instructional Educator in San Diego, California, who promotes sustainability and brings PLT into her bilingual middle school classroom.