Cover for Project Learning Tree's GreenSchools Investigations and Adult Leader Guide

New and Improved GreenSchools Investigations

Project Learning Tree has created a new Adult Leader Guide plus updated its GreenSchools Investigations based on feedback from students, teachers, and school administrators.

Summer Reading List

From informative nonfiction reads to silly fictional tales, this list separated by grade level will help kids–and adults–stay on top of their reading.

Focus on Forests

High school students develop critical-thinking skills and learn the importance of scientific analysis as they investigate forest management issues and discover benefits of forests .

Cover for the Southeastern Forests and Climate Change high school curriculum

Southeastern Forests and Climate Change

PLT’s newest secondary module teaches about climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, carbon sequestration, strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to changing climatic conditions.


Summer Programs for Educators

Every summer, PLT programs across the country offer multi-day teachers’ tours and week-long forestry institutes. Learn more about what to expect and find a tour.

Places We Live

High school students investigate their own community to understand the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions connected to community growth and change.

Forests of the World

High school students conduct research and apply critical thinking skills as they explore how humans around the world interact with and depend upon diverse forests.