Cover for the Biodiversity high school curriculum


High school students discuss perspectives about biodiversity and impacts related to decisions about growth and development, energy use and water quality, and human health.


GreenSchools Online Course

Project Learning Tree continues to develop new online professional development opportunities for educators that are carefully designed to create effective learning experiences.


Designed for high school and college, this module increases interest in science and technology as students discover how much biotechnology is part of everyday life.


Focus on Risk

Focus on Risk explores environmental and human health risks that we encounter every day. Through hands-on lessons, students analyze risk assessment, communication, perception, and management.

Municipal and Solid Waste_test

Municipal Solid Waste

Through hands-on experiences, high school students discuss waste management strategies and solutions and learn about the interrelationships of natural resource use, waste generation and disposal.


Tree Planting Tips

Ready, set, plant! Tree planting tips for your class, community group, or family to use when planting trees.