STEM: Have Seeds, Will Travel

Whether floating on the air, getting carried by animals, or catching waves, plants use many techniques to send their seeds far and wide. Use this STEM focused PLT activity to teach about plant reproduction and seed dispersal.

Welcome to the neighborwood children's book

Welcome To The Neighborwood

Learn about forest habitats and micro-communities as artist-turned-author, Shawn Sheehy takes young readers from neighborhood to neighborwood.


Tree Planting Tips

Ready, set, plant! Tree planting tips for your class, community group, or family to use when planting trees.

Outstanding Educator
Dawn Hammon

Dawn Hammon incorporates environmental education into her kindergarten classroom at Center for Inquiry in Indianapolis, Indiana, through numerous indoor and outdoor projects.

Outstanding Educator
Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards is the lead science teacher at Ronald Brown Academy in Detroit, Michigan, where she inspires students through PLT lessons and field trips.

Outstanding Educator
Lisa Saunders

Lisa Saunders teaches fifth graders at Bicentennial Elementary School in Nashua, New Hampshire, and promotes the use of the PLT curriculum.

Outstanding Educator
Victoria Pasco

Victoria Pasco teaches at the Science Discovery Center at Catawba Trail Elementary School in Elgin, South Carolina, and has used PLT resources since the 1980s.

hi koo children's book

Hi, Koo!

Use this book with PreK-3 graders to explore the changing seasons, the alphabet, and the wonderful world of haikus.