Students Across the Country Exchange Forests

A foundation of PLT’s broad-based curriculum is support and enrichment of a variety of teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students alike.  PLT activities …


Why Teach Outside?

Nature helps children’s development–intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically. Studies show that teaching outdoors produces student gains in social studies, science, language arts and math.

Butterfly Gardens Come to Life

Sixteen schools across the country participated in the MonarchLIVE project to build butterfly gardens. Here are the stories of three of those schools.


Lab Coats Paint a Thousand Words

Create your own painted lab coats! These powerful visual tools engage students in learning about science and the environment.

Outstanding Educator
Joy Cowart

Joy Cowart uses PLT to teach language arts and English as a second language to grades 6-12 at Lowndes County Schools in Valdosta, Georgia.

Outstanding Educator
Barbara Murphy

As Gifted Specialist at Westlawn Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama, Barbara Murphy teaches environmental education and Spanish and conducts enrichment classes.

Outstanding Educator
Krissy Varness

Krissy Varness teaches math and science to sixth graders at DePoali Middle School in Reno, Nevada. She is responsible for much of Nevada PLT’s rejuvenation.