Outstanding Educator
Kathy Rusert

Kathy is a science and reading teacher in the Acorn School District, Arkansas, who uses the outdoors as a classroom to instruct her students.

Outstanding Educator
Lu Boren

Lu Boren is a middle school teacher at St. Columba School in Durango, Colorado, who uses PLT materials to teach earth science, chemistry, and biology.

Outstanding Educator
Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor is the Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Science Teacher for the elementary, middle, and high schools in Jay, Maine.

Outstanding Educator
Diane St. Jean

Diane St. Jean teaches reading at Barrington Middle School in Barrington, New Hampshire, where she uses PLT to connect her students to their local forest.

Students Across the Country Exchange Forests

A foundation of PLT’s broad-based curriculum is support and enrichment of a variety of teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students alike.  PLT activities …