Activity: Every Tree for Itself

Through an active modeling exercise, learners explore how trees compete with each other for nutrients, sunlight, space, and water.

Activity: Make Your Own Paper

Learners experience firsthand the magic of the paper-making process and the value of trees as a natural resource.

Activity: Nature’s Skyscrapers

Using simple tools, learners calculate the height of a tree and width of its trunk, and find out why foresters measure trees.

Thumbnail_hands planting tree

Activity: Plant a Tree

Trees provide a host of benefits—from oxygen to shade to wildlife habitat. Learners help select and plant a tree for the future.

Activity: Seeking Sustainability

Learners investigate the concept of forest sustainability by identifying connections between forests and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Activity: Tree Cookies

Learners examine tree cross-sections to determine their age and to infer environmental conditions during the tree’s life.

Activity: Trees in Trouble

Healthy trees need sunlight, water, nutrients, and room to grow. Learners assess trees for signs of their health.

Activity: Water Wonders

Learners model the different paths water molecules may take in the water cycle and discover its importance for plants and animals. 

Activity: Web of Life

By creating a physical web, learners model the interconnectedness of organisms in an ecosystem.