Outstanding Educator
Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson teaches mathematics at New Britain High School, Connecticut. He uses environment-based problems in his lessons and helps students make data-driven decisions.

Outstanding Educator
Robert Carter

Robert (Bob) Carter is an outdoor and environmental education instructor at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, who has used PLT for over 30 years.

Outstanding Educator
Nakia Brown

Nakia Brown teaches sixth grade at Wingo Elementary School in Wingo, Kentucky, and helped her school receive Kentucky Green and Healthy School certification.

Outstanding Educator
Cynthia Lawhon

Cynthia Lawhon, a discoveries teacher at Claiborne Fundamental Elementary School in Shreveport, Louisiana, has worked hard to enrich her school’s teaching environment.

Outstanding Educator
Kathleen Yeloushan

Kathleen Yeloushan is an education coordinator at Renaissance High School in Clarkston, Michigan, and works to provide PLT training for all local science educators.

Outstanding Educator
Barbara Adams

Barbara Adams teaches her young students at Clifton Park Nursery School in New York about the environment and promotes greener school policies.

Outstanding Educator
Augustine Frkuska

Augustine Frkuska is a teacher at Crestview Elementary School in Live Oak, Texas, who incorporates PLT into his curriculum and mentors other teachers.

Outstanding Educator
Kelly Gallo

Kelly Gallo is an environmental education specialist at Soldier Hollow Charter School in Midway, Utah. She created a school Green Council to promote sustainability.

Outstanding Educator
Lynn Kochiss

Lynn is a third grade teacher at Woodside Intermediate School in Cromwell, Connecticut, who promotes environmental activities and sustainability at her school.

Outstanding Educators
Cheri Goggin

Cheri Goggin is a science teacher at Berkshire Junior/Senior High School in Burton, Ohio. She uses GreenSchools Investigations to make learning fun for her students.