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Curriculum Overview

Elementary & Middle

At Project Learning Tree, our goal is to teach students how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues. Recognized as a leader in environmental education for more than 35 years, PLT enhances critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision-making skills, teaching students to weigh various sides of an environmental issue to make informed and responsible decisions. PLT materials are multi-disciplinary and aligned with state and national education standards.

Studies show that curricula with outdoor learning components are proven to advance overall student performance, including test scores, particularly in science and math. More than half of all Project Learning Tree activities can be conducted outdoors. Furthermore, independent evaluators confirm PLT increases students' knowledge, reasoning, and academic skills.

Materials for PreK – 8

We have developed two engaging programs for students in grades PreK – 8: our PreK – 8 Environmental Education Activity Guide and Energy and Society Kit. Both feature interactive, kinetic, inter-disciplinary activities that target specific learning objectives.

Environmental Education Activity GuideEnvironmental Education Activity Guide

Ninety-six multi-disciplinary activities can be found inside the PreK-8 Guide – each one tailored to specific grade levels and learning objectives.  Each activity is filled with opportunities to build critical thinking skills, incorporate technology, and use differentiated instruction.

Energy & Society KitEnergy & Society Kit

Developed for both formal and non-formal educators, Energy & Society helps students develop critical thinking skills to make decisions about their personal energy use. In addition to hands-on activities, Energy & Society integrates music and dance to enhance the study of energy issues.

Billy B Sings About Trees CDBilly B Sings About Trees CD

PLT and well-known children's performing artist and songwriter Bill Brennan have teamed together again to produce a new  CD -- all about trees! A Parents’ Choice recommendation Billy B Sings About Trees helps teach children about the value of our woodlands through fun and entertaining music.