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The Branch Newsletter: Fall 2011

In this issue:  Welcome to our "new" e-newsletter filled with tools and resources for educators! Check out the new Literature Connection feature, and more tips from educators working on the ground with students, for example, how to engage students in greening their school, some ideas and resources for using PLT's Forests of the World and other curriculum guides, and what to expect from the new national science standards.

News & Updates

Spreading a New Branch!
Spreading a New Branch!By Vanessa Bullwinkle
Welcome to our redesigned e-newsletter! Besides our new look, we have added or expanded some features that readers told us they valued in a recent survey.
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Framing Academic Standards for the Next Generation
Framing Academic Standards for the Next GenerationBy Jaclyn Stallard
New national science standards are expected in fall 2012, and they may affect how and what you teach your students. The Branch provides an update on development of the standards and the three dimensions of science on which a new framework will rest.
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Taking Action

A Long-Awaited Step Forward
A Long-Awaited Step ForwardBy Melissa Moeller
During the overhaul of the No Child Left Behind Act, a “well-rounded education” amendment was added that grants states access to funds to build curricula for previously ignored subjects—including the environment!  Tell your Members of Congress to add their support for environmental education by co-sponsoring the No Child Left Inside Act.
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Educator Tips

Making the Global Connection: Remarkable Trees and Forests
Making the Global Connection: Remarkable Trees and ForestsBy Rick Zenn
From a single tree to a remarkable forest to the whole planet, you can help your students make the Global Connection. Internationally recognized environmental educator Rick Zenn shares some great ideas about using this PLT curriculum and other resources. And what’s the story with this tree, anyhow?
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LIterature Connection - The Listening Walk
LIterature Connection - The Listening WalkBy Jaclyn Stallard
Storybooks are a great way to capture children’s interest in the environment. Check out this issue’s suggestion for a great book—and some ways to tie it to PLT activities.
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EE Resources - Fall 2011
EE Resources - Fall 2011By Jaclyn Stallard
Grants, handbooks, guidebooks, educational websites, articles, posters, fact sheets, games, videos, and more.
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