Top 10 Benefits Of Environmental Education

Environmental Education connects us to the world around us, teaching us about both natural and built environments. Learn more about teaching Environmental Education & engage children in learning – both outside and indoors.

Environmental Education is hands-on, interactive learning that sparks the imagination and unlocks creativity. 

Imagination and Enthusiasm are Heightened


Environmental Education enables students to make connections and apply their learning in the real world. 

Learning Transcends the Classroom


Environmental Education encourages students to make their own decisions about complex environmental issues.

Critical and Creative Thinking Skills are Enhanced


Environmental Education encourages students to investigate varying sides of issues to understand the full picture.

Tolerance and Understanding are Supported


By incorporating Environmental Education practices into the curriculum, teachers can integrate science, math, and more into one rich lesson.

State and National Learning Standards are met for Multiple Subjects


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By exposing students to nature, Environmental Education fosters respect for the environment.

Biophobia and Nature Deficit Disorder Decline


Environmental Education gets students outside and active, and helps address some of the health issues we are seeing today.

Healthy Lifestyles are Encouraged


Environmental Education promotes a sense of place and connection through community involvement. 

Communities are Strengthened


Environmental Education helps students understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment.

Responsible Action is Taken to Better the Environment


Environmental Education promotes active learning, citizenship, and student leadership. It empowers youth to share their voice.

Students and Teachers are Empowered


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Project Learning Tree helps develop students’ awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the environment, builds their skills and ability to make informed decisions, and encourages them to take personal responsibility for sustaining the environment and our quality of life that depends on it.