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PreK-8 Activity 21 - Adopt a Tree

PreK-8 Activity 21 - Adopt a Tree

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Adopt a Tree Activities (pdf)
Project Learning Tree Adopt a Tree Certificate (pdf)

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Actividades para Adoptar un arbol (pdf)
Certificado de Adopcion de un Arbol (pdf)

Connecting Kids to Nature Activity Page
Adopt a Tree

Earth & Sky Radio Show Correlations
This activity can be supplemented with related Earth & Sky radio show audio and transcripts, available for free download, for use in your classroom. 
- Greg McPherson’s Tree Carbon Calculator (2009)
- Jo Pierce: Private Forests Mean Income, and Much More (2008)
- Neil Sampson: 'We depend on forests every day' (2008) 
Jo Pierce’s Tree Farm Sustained with Careful, Long-term thinking (2008)

Additional Resources

You-Tube Dendrology - Dr. Don Leopold, State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry professor, has identified a total of 135 tree species on You-Tube. These 2-minute, high definition videos briefly summarize how to identify each tree species, its ecological characteristics and importance, and communicate fun facts. While the list of native and non-native tree species is familiar to Northeastern landscapes, many western U.S. tree species are also covered. These vignettes are also all available for free on i-Tunes.

EasyMeasure - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (SmartMeasure for Android). EasyMeasure uses the height of the camera lens and its tilt angle to calculate the distance to objects of your choice. Simply aim your mobile device at any object, and this app displays the distance towards that object on top of the camera image. Upgrades can be used to also calculate object height.

AllTrails - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. AllTrails helps users to get out and discover the outdoors. Use it to plan a national park visit, find a hiking path near home, or map a new trail of your own! AllTrails can help you find local places to run, hike, bike, fish, and more in the outdoors. You can even upload photos and images to trails you create.

A Forest Year - Check out this video, which captures 15 months of a forest’s life. This 3-minute time lapse video was created from 40,000 photographs. Photographer Samuel Orr took pictures out of the same window in his home to create this forest montage. This forest snapshot is just outside of Bloomington, Indiana and was photographed between 2006 and 2008. You can visit Samuel’s website to learn more about the making.

Leafsnap - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Andriod version in development). Leafsnap uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from individual leaf photographs you take in the field. This application contains high-resolution images of bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and more. Currently Leafsnap specializes in tree species found in the Northeastern United States, but expansion to include all US regions is underway.

Tree Flip-up Diagram (enlarged from Activity 21: Adopt a Tree) (pdf)

Reading Connections
Crinkleroot’s Guide to Knowing the Trees. Arnosky, Jim. ISBN 0027058557. Publisher: Simon & Schuster. 1992. An illustrated introduction to trees and woodlands with information on how to identify the bark and the leaves, the many ways that animals use trees, and how to read the individual history that shapes every tree.

My Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America. Iverson, Diane. ISBN 1883220939. Publisher: Dawn Publications. 1999. Trees are important in children’s lives. This book celebrates the joy children feel as they interact with their favorite tree in their own unique way. For older children, separate text is included that features an overview of each tree’s traits, associated wildlife companions, and role in the web of life. Grades PreK-7.

Take a Tree Walk. Kirkland, Jane. ISBN 0970975414. Publisher: Stillwater Publishing. 2002. An interactive self-guided odyssey in search of the wonder of trees. With book in hand, kids head out to their backyard, schoolyard or local park to find and identify trees. Grades 3-7. 

Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art. Locker, Thomas. ISBN 0064437507. Publisher: Harper Collins. 1995. A tree stands on a hill by a river. As the sky changes, so does the tree, Its branches filling with clouds, stars, snow, birds,mists, and the golden spring sun. One tree can mean many things. Grades PreK-4. 

Have You Seen Trees? Oppenheim, Joanne. ISBN 0590466917. Publisher: Scholastic Inc. 1995. The rhythmic language and lush paintings of this joyful poem celebrate the varied characteristics of trees – from young to old, short to tall and throughout the seasons. Grades PreK-2. 

A Tree is Nice. Udry, Janice May. ISBN 0064431479. Publisher: Harper & Row. 1956. An older book with a simple message, A Tree is Nice describes the importance of trees to people and to wildlife.Most children will be able to relate personal experiences to the story. Grades PreK-K. 

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