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PreK-8 Activity 8 - Forest of S.T. Shrew

PreK-8 Activity 8 - Forest of S.T. Shrew

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Student Pages
In the Forest of S.T. Shrew (pdf)

Spanish Student Pages:
En el Bosque de S.T. Musarana (pdf)

Earth & Sky Radio Show Correlations
This activity can be supplemented with related Earth & Sky radio show audio and transcripts, available for free download, for use in your classroom.
 - Neil Sampson: 'We depend on forests every day'
 - Jo Pierce: 'Private forests mean income, and much more'

Additional Resources:

Reading and Writing Exercises - Florida PLT has expanded reading and writing exercises for elementary students and teachers using PLT's The Forest of S.T. Shrew. This document contains additional and expanded exercises for reading and writing, specifically targeted to third and fourth graders.

Soil Explorers - The Soil Explorers website, sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management, is designed just for kids. Learn about the importance of soil, soil food webs, soil facts, and more. A brief assessment is even included to test soil knowledge.

Fairy Tale - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This story production tool can be used to create a personal story and enhance it by adding your own drawings, audio, and animation. The illustrations can be moved, expanded, reduced, or rotated with touch, and you can record your own voice as narrator.

SoilWeb - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Andriod. A more technical application, SoilWeb allows users to access GPS based, real-time USDA-NRCS soil survey data. Using your geographic location, this app retrieves soil type summaries, including soil series names and image profiles.

WildLab Bird - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (try iBird Lite for Android). Use WildLab Bird to learn the basics of bird identification. This application uses audio, photographs, maps, and the process of elimination to help identify over 200 bird species. Sightings can also be entered into a national bird watching database for comparison.

WildObs Observer - A free app that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. WildObs Observer allows users to search for and identify thousands of species of mammals, birds, snakes, plants, and more. Log your wildlife encounters for your own calculations or upload them to a national database for comparison.

Tree Flip-Up Diagram (enlarged from Activity 21: Adopt a Tree)

The Forest of S.T. Shrew Skit (word)

Web Soil Survey from the USDA

Use these colorful pictures to tell the story of Jackie and S.T. Shrew.  You can use them with the Story of S.T. Shrew skit or traditional narrative.

Soil Biological Communities, Just for Kids - This website was developed for students from ages 9 through 11. Includes sections on the importance of soil, amazing facts about soil, and adopting a soil critter.

Arkive’s Wildlife Images - At this award-winning website from Wildscreen USA, teachers can access more than 40,000 digital wildlife images and 6,000 wildlife films. Images can be searched either by species or geography or by type of image. In addition, the site’s education pages include resources for teaching animal classification along with educational games.

Reading connections
Fredericks, Anthony D. Around One Log. Dawn Publications. 2011. Years after a great oak tree tumbled to the ground, a whole community of animals made it their home. Is the fallen tree alive or is it dead? This book offers insight into a unique and easily-accessible community of forest animals. Grades PreK-3. ISBN: 1584691379.

Insect Lives. Berger, Melvin. ISBN 1567842208. Publisher: Newbridge. 1996. The fascinating world of insects is revealed to students, as well as the important role these creatures play in the balance of nature. Grades 1-4.

Up the Tall Tree. Hankin, Rosie. ISBN 0811457389. Publisher: Steck-Vaughn. 1995. A father and three children investigate an oak tree and learn about the tree’s structure and the plants and animals that depend on it for their existence. Grades

Dig In!: Hands-on Soil Investigations. NSTA Press. ISBN 0873551893. Publisher: NSTA. 2001. Using twelve activities and two stories as guides, students can use this resource to study soil formation, habitats and land use, animals that depend on soil, plants that grow in soil, soil science, and soil conservation. Grades K-8.

Lizard in the Sun. Ryder, Joanne. ISBN 0688071724. Publisher: Morrow Junior Books. 1990. A child is transformed into an anole for a day and discovers what it is like to be a tiny lizard changing colors in a sunny, leafy world. Grades PreK-3.

The Snail’s Spell. Ryder, Joanne. ISBN 140508910. Publisher: Penguin Putnam. 1988. Brilliant illustrations and a short text invite an unnamed sleeping, pajama-clad child into a garden teeming with wildlife. The boy gradually shrinks until he is so small he experiences things as a snail would. Grades PreK-2.

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