For School Administrators


“School-wide implementation of PLT is the very best thing we’ve ever done. Test scores went up and continue to go up. It became a model for the rest of the district. PLT far surpassed my expectations.”  -Kyle Langille, Principal, Bicentennial Elementary School, Nashua NH

PLT Meets Academic Standards

PLT meets local, state, and national academic standards and we’ve already done the hard work of aligning all our activities to them. While PLT may be most often associated with meeting science requirements (and we do that very well!), our materials also effectively address STEM, English language arts, mathematics, social studies, service learning, and more. We demonstrate these connections in our professional development, so teachers can easily see where our materials will fit right into their lesson plans and help them meet important standards. 

Our Materials Addresses Important Learning Objectives 

PLT’s curriculum materials are proven to meet their intended learner outcomes. We rigorously test our materials through formative and summative evaluations and field test them with hundreds of classroom teachers before they are published. Independent evaluators determined our hands-on, investigation-based activities build 21st century skills, stimulate knowledge gains in science, STEM, and environmental content, and engage teachers and students, all while making learning fun. 

Our Professional Development Reflects the Latest Research

PLT is on the leading edge for designing and delivering high quality professional development for new and veteran teachers. We offer both in-person workshops and online courses that reflect the latest research. We even funded and published a literature review, The 5+ Guiding Principles for Professional Development, which has become a go-to reference for injecting research-based best practices into adult learning and professional development.

PLT Improves Teaching Practice

PLT employs highly effective and well-tested teaching strategies. These include inquiry-based teaching, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, technology connections, and authentic assessment. 

Teachers Use PLT Year After Year

A hallmark of PLT is how easily teachers can begin using it right away in their classrooms and our research shows they keep using it for years. Well over 85% of PLT-trained educators use it annually in their classrooms and other settings, typically in week-long blocks of time.