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Video Podcasts

Explore Biodiversity will be publishing a series of online podcasts that can be accessed via ITUNES. Our first feed is about Invasive Plants of the US. Soon we will be posting a series of podcasts about interesting topics in biology from our major explorers around the world in Sweden, Hawaii, Thailand, Montana, and Australia.

INVASIVE PLANTS OF THE U.S. by Rob Nelson and Hazen Audel

In this first series Rob and Hazen explore some of the major invasive plants around the country. On their travels they meet up with scientists who are trying to solve these problems themselves.

Episode 2: Hydrilla

Episode 3: Dalmation Toadflax

Episode 4: Miconia

Episode 5: Melaleuca

Episode 6: Banana Poka (Passionflower)

Episode 7: Eurasian watermilfoil: Rob, Jaime, Meigan, Henry

Episode 8: Kudzu - Rob Nelson

Episode 9: Yellow Toadflax - Rob nelson

Episode 10: Willows with Hazen Rob and Leah


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