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Natural Inquirer is a free science education journal written for middle through high school age students. Natural Inquirer was created so that scientists could share their research with students. Each article follows the same format as a scientific journal article by including an Introduction, Methods, Findings, and Discussion section. All articles are correlated to National Education Standards. Natural Inquirer products are produced by the USDA Forest Service, FIND Outdoors, and other cooperators and partners.

Project Learning Tree (PLT) works with the USDA Forest Service to conduct conservation education and environmental education initiatives across the United States. Several PLT resources have been correlated to Natural Inquirer articles. These crosswalks quickly show which Natural Inquirer articles can support the PLT activities you may already know and love!

Select a cover image to download Natural Inquirer correlations for the following PLT resources.  

Green Jobs: Exploring Forest Careers

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