For Teachers

“The most amazing and helpful book in the universe! The students love the activities. It helps make learning more engaging for students, and in turn less stressful for me.” -Rachel Hill, 7th Grade Teacher, Salem Church Middle School, Richmond VA

PLT Activities Address Important Learning Objectives 

PLT’s curriculum materials are proven to meet their intended learner outcomes, which are clearly articulated in every activity. We rigorously test our materials through formative and summative evaluations and field test them with hundreds of classroom teachers before they are published. 

PLT Engages Students and Makes Learning Fun

Our hands-on, investigation-based activities make learning fun,  while also building 21st century skills, stimulating knowledge gains, and actively engaging students. Activities are conducted outside and indoors and provide lots of useful tips for managing active student behavior in both settings.

Teachers Love Our Professional Development

Over 60% of the 25,000 educators who attend PLT professional development every year do so because a colleague recommended it. Our workshops are both hands-on, active learning experiences that build a strong sense of community. We focus on specific learning outcomes to meet the needs of all our participants.

PLT Works in Any Classroom

A hallmark of PLT is how easily teachers can begin using it right away in their classrooms and our research shows they keep using it for years. Well over 85% of PLT-trained educators use it annually in their classrooms and other settings. Our flexible lessons are very easy to adapt to any grade level, school setting, or curriculum. They also employ highly effective and well-tested teaching strategies, including inquiry-based teaching, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, technology connections, reading connections, and authentic assessment. 

Abundant online resources build on and extend PLT’s curriculum materials in meaningful ways. Click on Resources to see all that is available, including support for PLT lessons, tips, and ideas.

PLT Meets Academic Standards

PLT meets local, state, and national academic standards and we’ve already done the hard work of aligning all our activities to them. While PLT may be most often associated with meeting science requirements (and we do that very well!), our materials also effectively address STEM, English language arts, mathematics, social studies, service learning, and more. We demonstrate these connections in our professional development, so teachers can easily see where our materials will fit right into their lesson plans and help them meet important standards.