Environmental Education Resources

Every month we carefully select additional resources and new support materials to enhance Project Learning Tree’s lessons. These environmental education resources include videos, educational apps and other interactive online tools, books and posters, teacher-generated materials, and more!

Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add more “EE Resources”.  You can also:

For resources that specifically support remote learning, check out this collection COVID-19: Resources, Tips, and Support.



Teaching about Climate Change with PLT, Project WET, and Project WILD

Project Learning Tree, Project WET, and Project WILD have updated our easy-reference resource that lists activities from each of our programs to help teach about climate science and the impacts of climate change.

Use our Teaching About Climate Change: Water, Trees and Wildlife PDF to help plan a lesson series that fits your setting and audience about the impacts of climate change on water, forests and biodiversity. Workshop facilitators for PLT, Project WET, and Project WILD can also use this resource to design climate-focused workshops. Learn more by watching this recorded webinar.


cover of the trauma informed toolkit by plt oregonTrauma-Informed Approaches to Environmental Education 

Oregon State University’s Trauma-Informed Toolkit, developed by Oregon PLT State Coordinator Yasmeen Hossain, supports and complements educators’ knowledge and skillset in implementing trauma-informed approaches in educational settings.



Online Support Materials for PLT’s Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide

PLT’s new Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide includes 50 field-tested, hands-on activities that integrate investigations of nature with science, math, English language arts, and social studies. Get a copy today by attending a local PLT professional development workshop, or you can purchase it directly on shop.plt.org, from Amazon, and other places where books are sold.

My K-8 Guide

example pages to illustrate units of instructionThe new K-8 Guide is supported by a free online toolkit and resource hub found at plt.org/myk8guide.

For each activity, you’ll find links to:

  • Curated resources (see some examples below)
  • Downloadable student pages
  • Recommended reading
  • Explicit connections to academic standards, including Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards—English Language Arts and Common Core State Standards—Mathematics

Each activity provides students opportunities to explore the three dimensions of science: Science & Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and a Guiding Question to drive phenomenon-based, three-dimensional learning, which involves exploring the real world through learner-centered, multidisciplinary investigations that promote inquiry and problem solving.

Other resources at plt.org/myk8guide include:

  • Planning an Investigation student page
  • Assessment Rubric
  • Tips for using Career Corners and Forest Facts
  • An online Glossary
  • 24 additional Units of Instruction
  • And lots more!



A Walk in the Woods with Burner Bob® and Friends

Take a walk with Burner Bob®, prescribed burner Shan Cammack, and fire ecologist friends as they visit the Fire Forest. Along the way, meet Burner Bob®’s plant and animal friends including the longleaf pine, gopher tortoise, and indigo snake, who thrive when their longleaf home is burned regularly.

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: My Green Future (Grades 3-5) and Living with Fire (Grades 6-8)

Back Porch Forestry

Back Porch Forestry (BPF) shares fundamentals about forests and forest management through this 15-20 minute educational video series.

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: Decisions, Decisions (Grades 6-8, Variation Grades 3-5)


Interactive Tools

Celebrating Black Environmental Justice Heroes

Bring #EJHero inspiration to your classroom by spotlighting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) heroes of environmental justice Heroes. This free to download and print poster series is a part of EcoRise’s Introduction to Environmental Justice curriculum, developed in partnership with Groundwork USA.  

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: Environmental Justice for All (Grades 6-8)


Digital Games and Apps

Agents of Discovery

Download the free Agents of Discovery mobile app to turn screen time into green time. The Agents of Discovery platform encourages kids to move, play, and explore as they solve geo-triggered, augmented reality challenges in parks and forests. Explore an Agents of Discovery Mission Site near you!

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: Backyard Safari (Grades K-2, Variation Grades 3-5), Get Outside! (Grades 3-5, Variation Grades K-2), and Our Federal Forests (Grades 6-8, Variation Grades 3-5)


Cranky Uncle game: building resilience against misinformation

The Cranky Uncle game uses cartoons, humor, and critical thinking to expose the misleading techniques of science denial and build public resilience against misinformation. Monash University scientist John Cook developed the game in collaboration with creative agency Autonomy. The game is now available for free on iPhone and Android. There is a  Teachers’ Guide to Cranky Uncle and a class group code for teachers interested in using the Cranky Uncle game to teach critical thinking.

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: The Global Climate (Grades 6-8)



Learn how healthy trees and forests benefit you and your community. Explore how people and communities are benefiting from forests, nature and green spaces at healthytreeshealthylives.org

Resource for Explore Your Environment activities: Get Outside! (Grades 3-5, Variation Grades K-2), Forest in the City (Grades 6-8)


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