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Every month we carefully select new tools and resources that support and enhance Project Learning Tree’s lessons.


Journey North

Discover the seasonal changes that are all around us! Follow animal migrations by observing, reporting, and tracking their travels across the hemisphere. Citizen scientists, across North America, share their own observations of migrations and other signs of the seasons. Journey North is a free online program and mobile app presented by Annenberg Learner.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Bursting Buds” and “Signs of Fall”)



The Power of Trees

What would happen to humans if there were no more trees? How are trees linked to human health and wellbeing? How can we measure the benefits of trees to humans? In the video When Trees Disappear, People Die, students learn about research that deals directly with these questions.

(resource for Forests of the World “Understanding the Effects of Forest Uses” and “Researching Forests Around the World”)


Go Plant a Tree!

In this short video from PBS Plum Landing, see how students work with a local arborist to plant a tree in their community. Underneath the video, you’ll find some simple conversation starting questions and additional resources to inspire your students.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Poet-Tree,” “Adopt a Tree,” “Trees as Habitats,” “Every Tree for Itself,” “Plant a Tree,” “To Be a Tree,” “Tree Factory,” “Name That Tree,” “Tree Lifecycle,” and “Trees in Trouble”)


Carbon Cycle: A Musical

This Carbon Cycle Song and accompanying materials can serve as a great introductory activity to the carbon cycle. The Carbon Cycle Song teaches students about the movement of carbon through the environment, as well as different processes that carbon undergoes to change pools. Accompanying materials include a quiz and brief background information.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activity “The Global Climate” and Focus on Forests “Climate Change and Forests”)



Seed Racers

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your students about seeds? Why not have your students play the Seed Racers game? In this simple point and click style game, students learn about the types, features, and dispersal methods of many different kinds of seeds. Students work through multiple missions to collect seeds, all while learning about how seeds move from trees and other plants to new sites for germination and growth.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Have Seeds, Will Travel,” “Web of Life,” and “Tree Lifecycle”)



Conservation Tales: The Cerulean Warbler

Have your students learn alongside Alyssa, a young girl who gets to see firsthand how scientific research can help protect endangered and vulnerable species. This Conservation Tales book focuses on the tale of the Cerulean Warbler, a small songbird endangered in Indiana and vulnerable in other states. The book’s author shadowed researchers at a scientific field site to create this book.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Birds and Worms,” “Field, Forest, and Stream,” “Watch on Wetlands,” and “Life on the Edge”)


Junior Ranger Activity Book

In 2016, the National Park Service (NPS) celebrated a milestone birthday, 100 years! In celebration of its centennial, NPS created the Centennial Junior Ranger Activity Book. Explore the history of the National Park Service and complete fun activities with this printable book. While this book is geared for 4th grade students, all are welcome to enjoy.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Get in Touch with Trees,” “Loving It Too Much,” “Trees as Habitats, “Field, Forest, and Stream,” and “We All Need Trees”)



Every Kid in a Park – Free Passes for 4th Graders

Do you teach 4th grade students? Every Kid in a Park is a White House youth initiative to make sure that all 4th grade students and their families get a chance to experience the national parks in their communities. Educators can download four different activity guides and generate passes for all of their 4th grade students. The Every Kid in a Park website is full of additional resources to help you plan the perfect trip for your students. Plus, check out Project Learning Tree’s suggestions for family activities.

(resource for PLT’s PreK-8 activities “Planet Diversity,” “Three Cheers for Trees,” “A Forest of Many Uses,” “Field, Forest, and Stream,” and “I’d Like to Visit a Place Where…”)


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