Engage Your Students

Project Learning Tree’s GreenSchools program inspires students to apply their STEM and investigative skills to create greener and healthier schools – and save schools money.

Importantly with PLT GreenSchools, it’s students who lead the way. Students learn they can make a difference in the world as they are empowered to make changes and take ownership of the projects they lead to reduce their school’s environmental footprint.

Click on the poster below to see what a model PLT GreenSchool might look like.  Then, mouseover the poster and click on the bubbles for more information about each of the features. For a print copy of this poster, contact your PLT State Coordinator.

Green Schools Poster

How Does Your School Compare?

Help students create similar features at your school using PLT’s GreenSchools Investigations.

  • Five PLT GreenSchools Investigations provide a blueprint for student Green Teams to examine their school’s energy use, waste and recycling, water consumption, school site, and environmental quality (such as indoor air quality, school transportation, and use of chemicals) — and establish benchmarks.
  • Using the results of their investigations, students select, design, and implement one or more action projects, and measure their impacts.

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