Not able to attend an in-person workshop? You can access our professional development anytime and anywhere through our online courses.

About Our Online Workshops

PLT currently offers several online courses:

These online workshops are self-paced courses composed of several 20-30 minute learning experiences, called “coursels.” Each coursel has been designed using best practices in online learning and teacher professional development (review The 5+ Guiding Principles of Teacher Professional Development for more information). They prepare educators to integrate environmental education materials into their instruction.

Each online course provides a high-quality professional development experience.

  • Focus on learning outcomes important to today’s educators
  • Authentic tasks and project-based learning, including modeling activities and lesson planning
  • Easy-to-use content focused on planning and preparation
  • Connections to resources such as relevant online tools, supplemental content, and local and state resources
  • Videos of educators modeling PLT activities and tips for how to adapt activities for your students and context
  • Interactive simulations demonstrating key concepts in PLT activities (available in the K-8 online workshop)
  • Interaction with the instructor, with clearly articulated expectations for completing the course

Is Online Learning for You?

PLT’s online courses are designed for educators who are comfortable with self-directed learning. Each online course can be accessed whenever and wherever you are with an internet connection. A basic knowledge of computers and web browsers is useful to be successful.

Learn More!

Learn more about our online professional development and for detailed information regarding each of our online workshops, visit 

Interested in a sneak peak of PLT’s newest curriculum and online workshops? Check out this Introduction to PLT’s E-Units for Grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

And here are screenshots from the Early Childhood, K-8, and GreenSchools courses to help give you a flavor of the online training experience:

Early Childhood
K-8 Environmental Education