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    New PLT Activity Collections: Sensational Trees for Grades K-2

    Sensational Trees is the second in a new series of theme-based PLT activity collections. It features three PLT activities for educators of students in grades K-2 that invite young learners to investigate trees using their senses.

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    Using the Power of Education to Build Resilient Communities

    I’m excited by my new role at PLT where I can channel my passion for community sustainability and urban forestry into my day-to-day work. PLT’s Discover Your Urban Forest activity collection for middle school teachers is a great example of the kind of PLT resources to engage youth who will be leading voices on sustainability challenges like climate change in the years to come.

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    New PLT Activity Collections: A Theme-Based Series for Educators

    Discover Your Urban Forest is the first in a new series of theme-based PLT activity collections. It features three brand new PLT activities for educators of students in grades 6-8 that invite learners to explore their urban environment and investigate environmental issues that affect their urban community.

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    PLT Workshops During COVID-19: Benefits Now, Benefits for the Future

    Project Learning Tree now offers remote professional development to model new ways educators can work with students virtually, including adaptations to PLT activities.

Educator Tips

  • Spider in the middle of a spider web

    Spider-Inspired Classroom Activities for Halloween

    Are you ready to add some spooky science to your fall lesson plans? We have gathered a whole cauldron of creepy, crawly spider science activities to enhance your lessons. Try these 11 Halloween activities inspired by our eight-legged friends. Examine spider webs outdoors, build a spider habitat, consider how a spider would adapt to life in space, and more!

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    Virtual Makeover: Sounds Around

    Many PLT activities are easily adapted to virtual learning. This month, Colorado PLT Coordinator Danielle Ardrey shares how to adapt the PLT Activity Sounds Around for remote instruction, allowing students to tune in to the everyday sounds of nature from home or a nearby outdoor space.

  • Virtual Makeover: Looking at Leaves

    Many PLT activities are easily adapted to virtual learning, as we illustrate in this new monthly feature in the Branch. Check out this adaptation for Looking at Leaves from Colorado’s PLT Coordinator

  • Illustration of a Family with Kids trying out a project learning tree outdoor activity

    Activities to Do With Children Outdoors

    Spending time outside is one way we can boost our resiliency while quarantining at home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Bookmark a few of these free PLT family activities to try in your backyard, at a local park or trail, or another nearby safe space outdoors.


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    Resources for PLT Lessons

    Every month we carefully select new tools and resources that support and enhance Project Learning Tree’s lessons. These environmental education resources include grant opportunities, educational apps, videos, interactive websites, books and posters, teacher-generated materials, and more!

  • Recommended Reading: Where’s Rodney?

    Rodney can’t seem to sit still. At school, he is always more interested in what is happening outside the window than what is going on inside the classroom. Learn how a park visit can transform Rodney’s perspective. Use this text to explore learning styles and personal characteristics with young readers.