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  • Trail in a park with trees and long grass

    12 Nature Walk Activities for Earth Day (or Any Day!)

    One simple way schools can observe Earth Day is to take learning outside the classroom and have students interact with their environment. Here are some activities that will ensure your nature walks are an engaging and enriching learning experience for students of all ages.

  • Educational science apps for elementary students

    Fun and Educational Science Apps for Elementary Students

    These fun, educational apps focus on topics such as food webs, climate change, trees, conservation, and weather and they complement Project Learning Tree’s lesson plans.


  • Magnifying Glass

    Resources for PLT Lessons

    Every month we carefully select new tools and resources that support and enhance Project Learning Tree’s lessons. These environmental education resources include grant opportunities, educational apps, videos, interactive websites, books and posters, teacher-generated materials, and more!

  • Youth planting a tree

    STEM: Plant a Tree

    There is much to know before planting a tree. These STEM lessons help students learn how to plant the right tree in the right place.

  • A Wlak on the Tundra book cover

    A Walk on the Tundra

    Suitable for grades 3-5, this book reveals some extraordinary indigenous traditions of the arctic tundra as a native Inuit child named Inuujaq sets out on a morning walk with her grandmother.