Educator Tips

  • Mini pumpkins

    14 Halloween Activities With Natural and Recycled Materials

    Celebrate Halloween, Batweek, and everything spooky this season with our 14 Halloween-themed activities for students of all ages and levels. Created using recycled materials, our hands-on activity ideas will turn students into scientists using homemade lava lamps, leaf ghosts, monster eyeballs, and more.

  • Celebrating Bat Week 2021

    By Jennifer Byerly

    Bat Week is Oct. 24-Oct. 31! Use this national event (timed with Halloween) to teach kids about the important role bats play as insect eaters, pollinators, and seed spreaders. To celebrate, we’ve gathered some free downloadable activities, arts and crafts, writing prompts, and other projects for all ages to learn about bat conservation.

  • vibrant and colorful paper cut outs of different leaf shapes stuck to a window

    What Makes Trees So Colorful in the Fall?

    Visible and invisible changes happen in leaves this season. Explore these changes and how to use a classic PLT activity to teach about fall colors.


  • Magnifying Glass

    Resources for PLT Lessons

    Every month we carefully select new tools and resources that support and enhance Project Learning Tree’s lessons. These environmental education resources include grant opportunities, educational apps, videos, interactive websites, books and posters, teacher-generated materials, and more!

  • amara and the bats cover three kids holding signs with bats

    Recommended Reading: Amara and the Bats

    Halloween is a great time to think about bats and their vital role in our ecosystems. Follow Amara on her mission to bring bats to her local park and help people appreciate their importance. Use this children’s book to learn the truth about bats, and to share facts about these amazing–yet often misunderstood–creatures.

  • STEM: Habitat Pen Pals

    Challenge students to use their creative skills to define a habitat, investigate related species, engineer a wildlife corridor, and manipulate an interactive model to demonstrate population growth.