For Natural Resource Professionals

Teach Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Stewards

One of the best ways to inspire today’s youth to be stewards for tomorrow is to engage them actively with the outside world. PLT provides the materials and tools to teach our youth about the importance of managing our resources sustainably, so forests and other natural resources will continue to provide the services and products we all need. 

Make Learning Fun

PLT’s hands-on activities make learning fun for all ages, while also developing the knowledge and skills to use math, science, and other topics to meet our environmental challenges. Activities are conducted outside and indoors and provide lots of useful tips for managing active student behavior in both settings.

Connect with Teachers

If you wish local youth better understood trees, forests, and the natural world, introduce their teachers to PLT. We will provide them with all the curriculum materials and resources they need to bring the outdoors into their classrooms and their classrooms outdoors. One they know about it, teachers love PLT! Our research shows that well over 85% of PLT-trained educators use it annually in their classrooms and other settings. 

Begin Using Right Away

You don’t need a formal education degree to use PLT. While our activities employ highly effective and well-tested teaching strategies, they can be used by anyone. Each activity provides step-by-step instructions for getting ready, conducting the activity, and assessing learning. Many activities can be conducted in an hour, rely on simple materials that you likely already have on hand, and can be implemented with minimal prep time. Consider volunteering to lead PLT activities at nearby schools. Teachers welcome opportunities to connect their students with guest speakers.

Teach Any Environmental Topic

With 96 activities in our PreK-8 Activity Guide and dozens more in our early childhood guide and high school modules, there is an activity for just about any environmental topic, from trees, forests, and forestry to wildlife, water, recreation, climate change, and much more.