Santa Cruz students restore garden outside museum

Students Care for Their City Parks

From cleaning and planting to painting and programming, towns and cities rely on community stewards to help take care of and utilize local parks. Find out how students in Santa Cruz, California and Madisonville, Louisiana worked with their local community to maintain and beautify parks in their neighborhood.

Outstanding Educator
Cynthia Lawhon

Cynthia Lawhon, a discoveries teacher at Claiborne Fundamental Elementary School in Shreveport, Louisiana, has worked hard to enrich her school’s teaching environment.

Outstanding Educator
Cindy Kilpatrick

Cindy Kilpatrick, the Environmental Science Facilitator at Oil City Magnet School in Oil City, Louisiana, coordinated more than 100 environmental field trips in one year,

Outstanding Educator
Robin McCartney

Robin McCartney, associate professor at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, teaches science methods to pre-service and PreK-3 teachers and Master’s students.

Outstanding Educator
Larry Raymond

Larry Raymond is the director of parks and recreation for Caddo Parish Commission in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has conducted PLT workshops for 20 years.

Outstanding Educator
Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith teaches fourth grade at Oil City Elementary Magnet School, Oil City, and helped her school become one of Louisiana’s four PLT-certified schools.