Content Reprint & Adaptation Policy

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Project Learning Tree® (PLT) offers environmental education designed for teachers, educators, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12. PLT provides high-quality instructional materials, comprehensive professional development, and an extensive support network. To learn more about PLT please visit our FAQ webpage.

PLT is among the registered trademarks of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc (SFI). All PLT content—including lesson plans, curricula, educational activities, and websites– hereafter referred to as “Content,” are designed to be used solely for educational, informational, and noncommercial purposes.

In our continued efforts to provide high-quality professional development and instructional design, we want to support you in determining the best way to use PLT Content to reach desired outcomes. If you haven’t already, please contact your PLT State Coordinator to learn more about how to leverage PLT to reach target audiences and deliver environmental education. To begin, try getting started with one of PLT’s free online resources: Activities for Families, Recommended Reading, EE Resources, and Select PLT Curriculum.

All PLT Content is protected under United States Copyright Law. To request permission to use PLT Content, please complete the online Reprint & Adaptation Request Form, and review our Privacy Policy to learn about our commitment to protecting the information obtained from participants in the PLT program and visitors to PLT websites. Requests can expect an initial response within five days. Full approval and delivery of final product may take up to six weeks to provide.

Web Content may be printed for personal noncommercial use that does not harm the reputation of SFI or PLT and users may make such temporary copies in a single computer’s RAM and hard drive cache as are necessary for web browsing.

Formal Policy & Agreements

All Content is the property of PLT and SFI. Any unauthorized use of the Content may violate copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws. If found to be in violation of this policy, a $5,000 penalty may apply. PLT/SFI considers permission to reprint and adapt specific PLT lesson plans, curricula, and other educational Content on a case-by-case basis. If your request is approved, you must agree to the following:

  • You will not alter, delete, add or otherwise change Content, except as approved in writing by PLT/SFI or as necessary to format Content for your purpose consistent with the information you provide.
  • If a reprint is granted, you will use the PLT provided copy (PLT will affix appropriate language to be included on all reprinted Content).
  • If adaptation is granted, you will submit a final copy of all modified Content to PLT/ SFI prior to distribution.
  • You will be subject to certain administrative and processing fees as described in the Pricing Tiers.
  • You agree that PLT/ SFI will have no liability whatsoever, either express or implied, for the information, ideas, concepts or opinions contained in the reprinted Content.
  • Digital versions of reprints must be hosted on the or the web site domains. Permission will not be granted to host digital versions of PLT activities on other web sites unless a current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place.
  • Parties who receive reprint and/ or adaptation permission are required to follow up with National PLT within six months of approval.
  • Additional applications of reprinted and/ or adapted Content will require additional permission from National PLT, including updating the Content as needed.
  • Include copyright notice with all reprinted Content and, if required and provided by National PLT, a reprint permission statement, which includes information on how users may otherwise interface with the PLT program.

Pricing Tiers

Any single request may not include more than 3 pieces of PLT Content. If your request exceeds this limit, contact your state’s PLT Coordinator to request and arrange a professional development experience. Any required payment must be received before final copy is delivered.

To Submit a Request

If you agree to the terms outlined above, please submit a request by completing the online Reprint Request Form. The form requires the following information:

  1. Detailed contact information (name, organization, street address, and email address).
  2. Associated organizational tax status; 501(c)(3) or other.
  3. PLT Content (i.e. activities, lesson plans, resources, articles, etc.) affected by this request.
  4. The type of Content request: Reprint or Adaptation.
  5. Initiative for requested Content (detail event title, conference, etc.).
  6. How PLT Content will be made available (printed, online, etc.).
  7. The estimated reach of PLT Content (i.e. number of copies made, anticipated scope of distribution, etc.).

For more information, please contact:

2121 K Street, NW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20037
t: 202-765-3641
e: [email protected]