GreenSchools Adult Leader Guide

Cover for Project Learning Tree's GreenSchools Adult Leader GuideThe Adult Leader Guide has information on the benefits of becoming a Project Learning Tree GreenSchool, how to form a Green Team, suggestions for how students might conduct the GreenSchools Investigations, and ways to obtain grants for action projects.

It includes the following features:

  • Updated information on the importance of greening schools to make them healthier places for students and teachers to learn and work;
  • Specific examples of how the GreenSchools Investigations support STEM education; and
  • A list of supporting activities from PLT’s PreK-8 Guide, Energy & Society Kit, and high school modules that can be used to enrich and extend the learning on each Investigation topic.

Download the GreenSchools Adult Leader Guide

Vanessa Bullwinkle

Vanessa Bullwinkle

Vanessa Bullwinkle is Director of Communications & Marketing for Project Learning Tree.