SFI-PLT-MANRRS Journeys Posters

Inspire young Black Americans to pursue forest and conservation careers by telling the stories of Black Americans who have taken this career path and who have advice and resources to share.

We’re thrilled to announce a first-of-its-kind resource, the SFI-PLT-MANRRS Black Faces in Green Spaces: Journeys of Black Professionals in Green Careers guide, the result of a partnership with MANRRS aimed at ensuring young Black Americans have greater opportunities for rewarding careers in the forest and conservation sector.

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Career Posters

We’ve assembled career posters of the individuals highlighted in the guide. Use these posters to help spread awareness about the rewarding opportunities in green careers!

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Terry Baker
Society of American Foresters
Jasmine Brown
Doctoral Student in the Department of Forestry,
Michigan State University

Cassius Cash
Superintendent for Great Smoky Mountains National Park,
National Park Services

Sam Cook
Executive Director of Forest Assets,
North Carolina State University

VP of the Natural Resources Foundation,
College of Natural Resources

Christopher Davidson
Vice President, Sustainability

Lillian Dinkins
PHD Student, Urban Forestry
School of Forest, Fisheries and Geomatics Sciences,
University of Florida
Asia Dowtin
Assistant Professor of Urban Forestry
Department of Forestry,
Michigan State University
Jenniqual Johnson
Urban Connections Coordinator,
U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service
J. Drew Lanham
Distinguished Professor and Master Teacher of Wildlife Ecology
Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation,
Clemson University
Nichole McHenry
Relevancy Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager,
National Park Service
Alton Perry
Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Project,
Roanoke Electric Cooperative

Travis Perry
Territory Manager,
Robert Raze
Environmental Education Professor,
St. Petersburg College of Education
Alex Singleton
Fiber Supply Manager,
International Paper