Become a GreenSchool

“When I started looking into the PLT GreenSchools curriculum, I liked it because it was very hands-on, and the kids had power. This program makes an impact because the kids have ownership of it. They leave here, and they’re still remembering and using what they’ve learned even after they graduate.”   

– Richard Klein, Teacher, The Monarch School, Houston, TX

“The GreenSchools! program has made a remarkable difference in our impact on our environment and learning about how we can become better citizens through our stewardship of natural resources.”

– Zayra Sota, 8th grade student, Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School, Kansas City, Missouri

“Our Green Rivers Club started as a grassroots thing, the idea of just two students. Now it involves the whole school community, and many different projects. From the beginning, PLT’s GreenSchools program has helped our students grow in skills, leadership, and environmental awareness.”

– Christie Hazen, Enrichment Coordinator, Two Rivers Magnet Middle Schoo, East Hartford, Connecticut

Benefits of GreenSchools

The benefits to becoming a PLT GreenSchool often include:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved student learning, particularly in science and math
  • Enhanced student leadership skills
  • Recognition within the wider community for your school’s accomplishments
  • A solid foundation for a lifetime of environmental stewardship
  • A healthier school

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