Using Forest Facts

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Most activities in PLT’s Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide feature a Forest Fact that presents insight into how forests can help us achieve environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Brief text highlights a connection between the activity concepts and forests. You can use these Forest Facts to help ground the learning activities in the real world. Download the complete set of Forest Facts to use with your students. 



Forests are an answer to many of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. From climate change to water quality and biodiversity, well-managed forests provide viable solutions to achieve measurable environmental, economic, and societal outcomes.

To make the most of the Forest Facts and to help learners connect learning activities to their lives and to forests, try one or more of the following.

Ideas for Making the Forest Connection

  • When conducting an activity, share the Forest Fact with students as a bell ringer or other attention grabber to highlight the importance of forests.
  • Provide students with the complete set of Forest Facts and invite them to create a trivia game using the information presented.
  • Invite students to research and write their own Forest Facts on a given subject area, such as green careers, climate change, or biodiversity.
  • Encourage students to “fact-check” one or more of the Forest Facts and rate it as True, Partially True, Misleading, or False. Invite students to share their assessments with family or community members.
  • Challenge students to create ways to communicate and publicize the information found within the Forest Facts. They might create an infographic, short video, public service announcement, storymap, or any other creative display.
  • Consider careers that work to create or support the facts presented. Visit for some suggestions.
  • Conduct one or more of the following PLT activities to enhance learners’ connection to trees and forests, wherever they live:
Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8
  • Adopt a Tree
  • Trees as Habitats
  • We All Need Trees
  • Every Tree for Itself
  • Poet-Tree
  • Tree Cookies
  • Forest in the City
  • If You Were the Boss
  • Nature’s Skyscrapers


Please share additional ideas for using Forest Facts by submitting them to [email protected].