Units of Instruction

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Storylines ensure connectivity and continuity between individual activities and can serve as the “instructional glue” that bind many areas of knowledge and skills.


Appendix H in the K-8 Activity Guide provides suggestions linking PLT activities into combined units of instruction using a storyline technique. In addition, PLT provides a detailed writeup of each unit, available at the links below. These writeups include the guiding question explored, concepts addressed, and suggestions for how to link the activities together into a cohesive unit. They can serve as a springboard to help you develop education plans and instructional units tailored to the specific needs and interests of your students.

To demonstrate the value of PLT to teachers and school administrators, all online unit writeups explicitly reference connections to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Select units also identify relevant concepts in PLT’s Forest Literacy Framework (FLF). 

Suggested Units of Instruction


Grades K-2 


Grades 3-5 


Grades 6-8