Resources for Focus on Risk Activity 5 – Communicating Risk

Understanding risk is an integral part of the risk management process. It is critical that risk information is communicated effectively to all interested parties. This activity allows students to explore how timely and responsible communication among experts, the media, and lay people can lead to improved risk management decisions.

This is one of 11 activities that can be found in PLT’s Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk. To get the activity, attend a training and receive PLT’s Focus on Risk secondary module. Below are some supporting resources for this activity. 


The following tools and resources may be used to enhance the activity.

  • Death by Design Documentary

    Consumers love – and live on – their smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, even the tiniest devices have deadly environmental and health costs. From the electronics factories in China, to the high-tech innovation labs of Silicon Valley, Death by Design tells a story of the fast-approaching tipping point between consumerism and sustainability.