Resources for Focus on Risk Special Topic – Chlorine

We encounter many types of risks every day. What is meant by the term risk? What types of risks do we encounter daily? Are all risks equally likely to occur? Are they all harmful? Why are we willing to take some risks but not others? Is anything really 100 percent risk free? In this activity, students will work together to explore these and other questions as they discuss, develop, and refine their definition and concept of risk and of risk assessment.

This is one of 11 activities that can be found in PLT’s Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk. To get the activity, attend a training and receive PLT’s Focus on Risk secondary module. Below are some supporting resources for this activity. 


Download the copyright-free student pages that are included with this activity:

Introduction to Chlorine (PDF)

Chlorinated Solvents (PDF)

Chlorine and Ozone—CFCs (PDF)

DDT An Organochlorine Pesticide (PDF)

Use of Chlorine as a Drinking Water Disinfectant (PDF)