Resources for PreK-8 Activity 53 – On the Move

Students will compare various transportation methods for getting to and from school, and research transportation systems used in their community.

This is one of 96 activities that can be found in PLT’s PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. To get the activity, attend a training either in person or online and receive PLT’s PreK-8 Guide. Below are some supporting resources for this activity. 


Download the copyright free student pages that are included with this activity:

Transportation Systems (PDF)


Spanish Student Page(s):

Sistemas de transporte (PDF)


Every month we carefully select new tools and resources that enhance PLT’s lessons. These include educational apps, videos, posters, interactive websites, careers information, and teacher-generated materials. Browse a chronological listing below:

  • Imagine If

    Imagine If is a podcast on climate resilience. Developed by the National Association for Environmental Education and National GeographicImagine If interviews change makers effecting positive change on the world. Imagine If features high school students designing solutions to environmental issues in their communities. Listen with your students and inspire them to become change makers in their community!

  • STEM Teaching Tools

    The University of Washington’s Institute of Science and Math created Practice Briefs.  These free articles highlight ways of working on specific issues that come up during STEM teaching. These briefs helps K-12 educators and administrators stay informed on teaching STEM issues, including STEM issues relating to teaching NGSS and implementing meaningful STEM learning. Each brief is separated into digestible sections and includes recommended actions for educators.

  • Energy Efficient Home Articles

    Energy Efficient Home Articles Learn how to make your home more energy efficient with this very useful site. There are hundreds of articles listed here with information on lowering energy usage, healthy living, green building, and more.

  • EPA Tools

    EPA tools let computer users “see” air quality information on a virtual globe: