Resources for Teaching with i-Tree Activity 2 – Tree Value

Students participate in a field study as they identify, measure, and assess the health of trees. They calculate the dollar value and ecosystem services of the trees using the i-Tree Design tool. Students use the information they gathered to create an Ecosystem Services Guide of the study site. They generate a tree improvement action plan and, if feasible, implement part or all of it.

This is one of 3 activities that can be found in PLT’s Teaching with i-Tree unit. To get the activity, “Choose Your Free Curriculum” on your PLT Account homepage. Below are some supporting resources for this activity.


Download the copyright free student pages that are included with this activity:

How to Use i-Tree Design (PDF)

Tree Value Worksheet (PDF)


Spanish Student Page(s):

Como Utilizar i-Tree Design (PDF)

Hoja de Trabajo Para Identificar el Valor de los Arboles (PDF)


Try a simple variation of this activity to engage children in the outdoors at home. Download this fun and easy-to-do family activity.