Resources for Teaching with i-Tree Activity 2 – Tree Value

Students participate in a field study as they identify, measure, and assess the health of trees. They calculate the dollar value and ecosystem services of the trees using the i-Tree Design tool. Students use the information they gathered to create an Ecosystem Services Guide of the study site. They generate a tree improvement action plan and, if feasible, implement part or all of it.

This is one of 3 activities that can be found in PLT’s Teaching with i-Tree unit. To get the activity, “Choose Your Free Curriculum” on your PLT Account homepage. Below are some supporting resources for this activity.


Download the copyright-free student pages that are included with this activity:

How to Use i-Tree Design (PDF)

Tree Value Worksheet (PDF)


Spanish Student Page(s):

Como Utilizar i-Tree Design (PDF)

Hoja de Trabajo Para Identificar el Valor de los Arboles (PDF)


Try a simple variation of this activity to engage children in the outdoors at home. Download this fun and easy-to-do family activity.