Birds, Bees, Butterflies, and Bats

Four teachers share their experiences from students’ GreenWorks! projects to help pollinators with native plant gardens, a bee keeping operation, and constructing bat houses.

Susan Linscott
Outstanding Educator

Susan Linscott, High School Science Teacher at Lee Academy Susan believes in the practice of place-based, community-based, and inquiry-based learning. She provides her students with …

Student Involvement at Lee Academy: Finding Opportunities Out the Window

PLT supports place-based education. Read how one high school PLT teacher in Maine uses community-based investigations to give students opportunities to make real world decisions, meet community needs, and explore what is happening in their own neighborhoods as the foundation for learning cross-cutting concepts.

Outstanding Educator
Kevin Doran

Kevin Doran, a natural science educator with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, uses PLT as a cornerstone of his programs with children.

Agent of Change: Accolades for Our PLT State Coordinator

My life changed when I met Pat Maloney, the PLT State Coordinator in Maine. Learn about PLT’s national network that provides support to educators for incorporating environmental education and outdoor learning into their classrooms.


Why Teach Outside in Winter?

Teaching outside year-round is a rewarding experience for students of all ages. Teachers in Maine share how to make winter outdoor learning safe and fun.

Outstanding Educator
Cameron Kay Sutton

Cameron Kay Sutton uses PLT to teach science at Auburn Middle School in Maine. She has inspired many students to pursue environmental science careers.

Using Technology as an Entry Tool to Nature

Technology is an entry tool that can make learning about the natural world exciting and fun. Students used technology to create a digital interpretive guide for a local trail in Maine.