Southeastern Forests and Climate Change

Cover for the Southeastern Forests and Climate Change high school curriculumProject Learning Tree and the University of Florida have developed a new secondary module to help educators in the Southeast teach about climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, the role of forests in sequestering carbon, and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climatic conditions. The module explores these concepts in 14 experiential activities by using research related to the goals of PINEMAP—a regional research, education, and extension program focused on southern pine management and climate change.

Learn more, and download the entire module for free, at our partner website. There you will find the complete set of lessons, along with tools and resources to support you in using this content with your students.

Please Note: While this resource was created with southeastern forests in mind, the lessons that comprise this module can be used with students across the United States. Our PLT partners have supplemented the southeastern forest information with specific statistics from their states. Such resources include:

Additional teacher and facilitator resources for Southeastern Forests and Climate Change can be found on our partner website, under “Find Resources.”