How-To Videos for Conducting PLT Activities with Your Students

students at paul public charterWatch these ‘how-to’ videos for some of Project Learning Tree’s most popular PreK-8 and Early Childhood activities, as well as for PLT’s GreenSchools Investigations. These videos accompany our new online professional development courses

PLT GreenSchools

There are 21 videos that support PLT’s GreenSchools online training. Consider playing these videos for your students to show them how they might improve their school’s environment.

PLT PreK-8

These 4 videos depict how you might engage your students in some of PLT’s most popular activities from PLT’s PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide.

  • Activity 25, Birds and Worms
  • Activity 27, Every Tree for Itself
  • Activity 63, Tree Factory
  • Activity 67, How Big is Your Tree? 

To get PLT’s PreK-8 Guide, attend a workshop — in person or online.

PLT Early Childhood

These 7 videos demonstrate learning centers featured in PLT’s Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood activity guide.They provide early childhood educators with tips for conducting PLT activities with early learners.

To get PLT’s Early Childhood Guide, attend a workshop — in person or online.

PLT: Resources to Engage Students in Learning

paul charter schoolCheck out our “Resources to Engage Students in Learning” video that highlights the benefits of using PLT activities. Consider sharing this video with others you think might be interested in learning more about PLT’s educational materials and professional development.

Thanks to PLT Intern Caroline Vangsnes for creating this video.

“Throughout the process of creating a multimedia video for Project Learning Tree, I watched footage of PLT’s Outstanding Educators, delved into the photo library, explored educational resources, and spent time on the website. I was blown away by the enthusiasm and passion of PLT’s educators and employees and I have a new found insight into how helpful Project Learning Tree’s resources are to teachers and students alike,” said Vangsnes.

Vanessa Bullwinkle

Vanessa Bullwinkle

Vanessa Bullwinkle is Director of Communications & Marketing for Project Learning Tree.

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