Natural Inquirer

These article in the science education journal Natural Inquirer, aimed at middle school students.  Don’t Be So Fuelish: How Much Fuel is Saved When Cars Are Parked in the Shade? reveals the importance of choosing the right parking spot as scientists compare how much fuel is released from a car in a shady parking spot with one in a sunny spot. Moving On Up: The Possible Impact of Climate Change on Forest Habitats analyzes the possible effect of climate change on forest habitats. What Do the World’s Forests Have To Do with Climate Change? provides background information, research, future actions, and scientific charts and graphs on climate change and describes the role of forests in the Earth’s carbon cycle. Finally, North of the Border: Are Nonnative Species Moving Northward as the Climate Changes? describes how scientists answer pressing questions about climate change such as: Are naturalized species’ latitudinal ranges the same as, larger, or smaller than their native ranges?