Forest Team GO!

Oregon Forest Resources Institute created a fun video for grades 4-6, to show them the range of careers in the forest sector and how these professionals work together to manage forests. Forest Team GO! explains the sustainable cycle of forestry while introducing students to:

  • tree growers (botanists and seedling managers), who oversee the germination of seeds in nurseries
  • tree planters (reforestation workers), who plant seedlings by hand all over Oregon
  • foresters, who ensure trees grow healthy and fast
  • forest scientists (wildlife and fish biologists, hydrologists), who ensure fish and wildlife habitat is protected and who monitor water quality to provide clean drinking water
  • forest engineers, the team that takes information from the foresters and scientists and uses it to help design roads, bridges and river crossings so they can handle the trucks and equipment needed to cut the trees

loggers, the people who harvest the trees and load them as carefully as possible so the ground isn’t damaged