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Environmental Education Activity Guide

Environmental Education Activity Guide

"For the active teacher who is looking for help in lesson planning a new unit, or a teacher who is starting a new curriculum, PLT is a fantastic place to go. The hands-on approach and critical thinking requirements of each lesson fulfill the expectations of today's classroom." 

- Charles Schnabel
Medina County Career Center, Ohio


"Project Learning Tree provides teachers with powerful tools that they can immediately incorporate in their classrooms."

 - Tom Shimalla, Environmental Educator
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


"We truly have become leaders and role models for our community."

- Chistina Ramos, Student
South Tahoe High School, California


Charting Diversity. Birds and Worms. Pollution Search. These are some of the 96 hands-on interdisciplinary activities in our PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. The PreK-8 Guide covers topics covering both the natural and built environment - forests, wildlife, water, air, energy, waste, climate change, invasive species, community planning, and culture, to name a few. The guide is designed to meet the common components of national education reform by using the constructivist approach to learning, whole language teaching, cooperative learning, problem solving, and authentic assessments.

Our state-of-the-art PreK-8 curriculum materials are packed with inter-disciplinary activities, each tailored to specific grade levels and learning objectives. These materials provide educators the tools they need to bring the environment into their classrooms — and their students into the environment.


Get the Materials

Educators can receive the complete PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide by attending a PLT professional development workshop. Contact your PLT State Coordinator to locate and register for a PLT workshop near you.


National Standards

Our PreK - 8 Guide has been correlated to both state and national learning standards. At the national level, the curriculum has been correlated to the following standards and guidelines. State-specific correlations are also posted to our website and are searchable by state.


Sample PLT Activities

Download these sample PLT activities from the PreK-8 Guide to get started right away!

Activity 20: Environmental Exchange Box (pdf)
The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 the International Year of Forests. To celebrate, students prepare an environmental exchange box to learn more about their local forests, forests across the country, and forests around the globe.

Activity 51: Make Your Own Paper (pdf)
Through this activity, students investigate the papermaking process by trying it themselves. Students are thrilled to find that they can make paper and that their product is practical, as well as beautiful.

PreK-8 Guide Details

The PreK-8 Envirionmental Education Activity Guide is designed so you can use a single activity or many over the course of a quarter, unit, program, or school year. Each activity includes an overview, background content, step-by-step instruction, as well as:

  • Grade level recommendations
  • Multiple subjects areas, such as math, social studies, or language arts
  • Concepts, skills, and curriculum objectives
  • Materials necessary, many of which are already found in traditional classrooms
  • Time requirements
  • Related PLT activities
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Reproducible student pages, also available in Spanish, and accessible on the PLT website
  • Reading Connections
  • Technology Connections
  • Differentiating Instruction


The PreK-8 Guide also features 16 Appendices that contain additional resources and other helpful information. One example includes advice for Teaching Controversial Issues.

Additional Resources

Search by activity pages help educators locate supporting resources for each activity in the PreK-8 Guide. Resources include printable student pages, supporting websites, stories, charts, illustrations, and more.

Correlation Chart for PreK-8 Activities and PLT Conceptual Framework Concepts

PLT Presents: Billy B Sings About Trees CD - Nineteen songs connect to PLT PreK-8 classroom lessons.

Tree Songs - A small sampling of the many songs that feature tree-related terms (i.e. "Tree", "Forests", "Woods", etc.) in the song title. Fun for use in PLT workshops!

Connections to the Gulf Oil Spill - Learn about which PLT Activities can be used to teach students about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Marginalia: PLT Extensions, Plant Stories, and Supporting Activities by Professor John Guyton, 2003 PLT National Outstanding Educator

Entomological Extensions - Children like bugs, and teachers can take advantage of this natural curiosity to sustain students' interest in science and provide them with an avenue through which they can explore their world. Check out these entomological activities for youth that are specifically aligned to PLT's PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. Thanks go to Dr. John Guyton, Extension Entomologist and 2003 National PLT Outstanding Educator, for creating and sharing this resource!

Reading Connections

Reprinting and Copyright Information

All PLT curriculum materials are protected under copyright laws. Contact the National PLT Office for permission to adapt or distribute Project Learning Tree curriculum materials. Please remember to reproduce responsibly.

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