Project Learning Tree Internship Program

PLT Intern Alumni Network

The PLT Intern Alumni Network is designed to encourage skill sharing, networking opportunities, as well as to provide resources for anyone who might be interested in becoming an intern at PLT. Our interns will be happy to share their experience at PLT with you, feel free to contact them through their Linked In’s below. Read more below to learn about our past interns and some of their greatest achievements during the program. 

If you think you might be interested in becoming an intern for Project Learning Tree, please contact to learn more about open positions or view the Fall PLT Research Intern Position Description.

Internship cycles typically fall within an academic semester: Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-May), and Summer (May-Aug). Interns must be available to work in Washington, DC. 

Ouname Mhotsha

PLT Research and Program Delivery Intern 

Ouname is an international student from Botswana, currently completing her Bachelors in Agricultural Science with a focus in Agriculture Economics, at Alcorn State University in Mississippi. Ouname’s degree provides professional training in the management of agricultural systems which lays a strong foundation for a career in land use management. In summer of 2019, Ouname  supported two PLT goal areas: Program Delivery & Reporting and Program Research & Strategy. Ouname helped PLT develop tools to digitize PLT’s new green job personality quiz  as well as tools to support  non-formal audiences and educators teaching outdoors for PLT’s revised PreK-8 Activity Guide (projected 2020 launch). During her time with PLT, Ouname completed a capstone project that focused on sustainable agriculture and environmental justice education. Ouname’s experience as a National Park Service Volunteer at Mount Locust Visitor Station (a section of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tupelo, Mississippi)  helped her connect on-the-ground conservation education to the national level efforts at PLT.

Ouname’s greatest achievements while at PLT: 

  • Her input in helping the Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide Appendices
  • Creating a web page for the PLT Intern Network to encourage skills sharing and career support
  • Writing a case study to be used as  part of the new activity Environmental Justice for All for which Ouname plans to pilot the new case study with high school students in her home state. 

“PLT gave me an opportunity to express economic views of approaching sustainability issues and allowed me to link Agricultural science with Environmental Education. I was also equipped with a plethora of information about the work being done in the natural resource management sphere  and learnt about all the exceptional opportunities available among the network of sustainability organisations.I look forward to applying the skills learnt at PLT on my career as a Sustainability Professional and Environmental Economist.”- Ouname Mhotsha

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Paul Burghard

PLT Research Intern 

Paul graduated from Loyola University with a BA in Economics and Political Science. Paul participated in the DC semester program during his junior year and after graduating came back to DC to intern with PLT. Paul was connected to SFI and PLT through Sue Dimock, Director of the Loyola Washington DC Program as a part of our new internship partnership with the school. Paul supported a variety of projects focused on research & strategy and delivery & reporting. Paul worked on a project to  illustrate the effectiveness and sales of Project Learning Tree’s curriculum. He also researched new opportunities for Project Learning Tree to expand the reach by developing a comprehensive Competitive Review. Paul also completed a capstone project conducting independent research on the social and economic effects of environmental education in schools. 

Paul’s greatest achievements while at PLT: 

  • Writing and presenting on  a research paper on Environmental Education, Politics, and Climate Change Opinions
  • Developed a comprehensive Competitive Review and report 

“Interning at PLT taught me that green careers aren’t just in forestry, or energy or engineering. We need individuals with open minds and a commitment to the environment working in all disciplines to tackle the most pressing environmental problems. I’m excited to apply what I learned going forward, hopefully to a bright (and green) career in public service”. – Paul Burghard 

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Addison Motta 

PLT Education Research Intern

Addison interned with PLT in August through December 2018 during her junior year at Loyola University in Chicago. Addison spent the semester living in Washington, DC as part of the internship program. She graduated with her B.A in Political Science from Loyola University after her internship in 2019. With her experience working at a nature center in Minnesota, Addison was able to bring her knowledge of Environmental Education  to her position with our team. During her tenure, Addison helped us with curriculum, grant management, and website content development. Addison helped the PLT team  develop a green jobs personality quiz that matches personality types with green careers for a new curriculum offering “Green Jobs: Exploring Forest Careers“. 

Addison’s greatest achievements while at PLT:  

  • Representing PLT at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference 
  • Designing viable strategies for establishing international environmental education programs, specifically working with contacts in Panama.
  • Developing a research paper on the benefits of teaching outdoors and environmental education 

“During my internship, I was able to learn about of lot of things I had never done before such as non-profit administration and grant management. I also learned a lot about the forestry field in general. I really liked doing research projects where I could be creative and was usually proud of the outcome!” – Addison Motta

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