“OK PLT is highly engaging and employs skills from all content areas. Fabulous workshop—worth giving up a Saturday for.”

“Our seventh-graders have accomplished great things since we started with the PLT GreenSchools program in 2010.”

– Jill Henrie, Neil Richards, and Kelly Flindt, 7th grade science teachers, Owasso Seventh Grade Center, Owasso, Oklahoma 

PLT workshops in Oklahoma

  • Early Childhood
  • PreK-8
  • Pre-Service

Can’t make it to an in-person workshop?

We also offer online courses.

Want to learn more about PLT in Oklahoma?

Visit the Oklahoma PLT Website and contact your PLT State Coordinator:

Tony Pascall
Oklahoma PLT State Coordinator
Education Coordinator
Oklahoma Forestry Services
2800 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
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[email protected]