Family-Friendly Outdoor Learning Activities

May 29, 2024

School may be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean learning and exploring has to stop! Get your learners outdoors this summer to connect with nature with these engaging and educational activities perfect for families.

Not only will they provide a fun break from screen time, but kids can continue developing their observational skills and appreciation for the natural world around them. When children spend time outside, it can improve their creativity, imagination, and overall physical and mental health, among many other positive things.

Family walking through forest

Walking in the Forest

Play detective on your next walk in the woods and discover how plants grow, age, decay, and more.

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forest with sun shining through trees

Learn About Forests

Engage youth in learning about sustainable forest management. Includes tips and tools for forest sector professionals working with youth.

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park with trees that people are sitting under

Exploring a Local Park

Get in touch with trees in your local park and use these family activities to take a closer look.

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Mom and child playing in backyard

In Your Own Backyard

Uncover nature’s diversity in your own backyard. Look, listen, and meet your natural neighbors.

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Teacher and two students measuring a tree with measuring tape

Teaching with i-Tree

Learn about the many ecosystem services that trees provide.

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These outdoor learning activities not only provide opportunities for physical activity but also foster a deeper connection with the environment. Whether in your backyard, local park, or nearby trail, these activities are perfect for families to enjoy together while promoting learning and appreciation for nature.

For more outdoor activities, check out these resources:

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