• Outstanding Educator
    Kayleen Pritchard

    Kayleen Pritchard, Consultant, Pacific Education Institute, Indianola, Washington

    As a fourth and fifth grade teacher, Kayleen Pritchard used PLT with her students, taking them outdoors to explore the environment and develop an outdoor learning site. She became responsible for the school district’s science curriculum and involved many teachers in PLT professional development. She also integrated PLT lessons into curricula for the district. Now, as a consultant for the Pacific Education Institute, she incorporates PLT into district-wide curriculum throughout the state, presents integrated models of environmental education at conferences, facilitates PLT professional development, and interacts with students. She helped to develop and write a field investigation guide to show how environmental education achieves science standards. She also served on the state’s Environment and Sustainability committee to draft environment and sustainability standards.

    Kayleen was named National PLT Outstanding Educator Honoree in 2010.

  • Outstanding Educator
    Jane Ulrich

    Jane Ulrich, Fourth Grade Teacher, Sunny Hills Elementary School, Issaquah, Washington

    Jane Ulrich is a leader in integrating PLT throughout her school district. She has been a member of the district environmental education committee since it began in 1998. In 1995, she co-chaired a committee that integrated PLT and Project WILD into curriculum frameworks. As a result, all fourth graders study local forest ecosystems, third graders study salmon, and second graders study habitat. At Sunny Hills, Jane planned and coordinated the creation of a trail and garden on the school grounds that are a source of pride for students and teachers alike. A unit she developed involving nature photography and haikus has transformed and enriched the lives of her students. She has taught other teachers how to use photography with their students and how to use PLT in a variety of ways.

    Jane was named National PLT Outstanding Educator Honoree in 2009.