For Parents and Families

Today’s generation is the first to grow up indoors. This disconnect from the natural world is having academic, emotional, psychological, and physical consequences. A growing base of research suggests that the absence of nature in the lives of today’s children is contributing to some of the most disturbing children’s health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and attention deficit disorders. As a parent interested in the health of your child and the environment, consider one or more of these activities.

Play with PLT’s Free Nature Activities

Get outside and be active with the children in your life! Outside play is good for their bodies and their brains. Families, afterschool programs, and youth groups enjoy using our free nature activities.

Bring PLT to Your School or Afterschool Program

Children spend most of their school hours indoors. Environmental education and outdoor learning can become part of the everyday curriculum as a way to improve children’s health, life skills, and academic achievement. PLT provides a holistic education that’s well-rounded, adaptable for different learning styles, and fun.

Use PLT with Your Youth Group

You don’t need a formal education degree to use PLT. While our activities employ highly effective and well-tested teaching strategies, anyone can use them. Each activity provides step-by-step instructions for getting ready, conducting the activity, and assessing learning. Many activities can be conducted in an hour, rely on simple materials that you likely already have on hand, and can be implemented with minimal prep time. PLT activities are a natural fit for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and other youth programs. Many PLT activities are now linked to help scouts earn their merit badges and to support youth development goals and 4-H Life Skills.