GreenWorks! Grants FAQs

  • When are grant applications due?
    All applications are due by September 30, 2018.
  • How much are GreenWorks! grants for?
    This year, the maximum amount you can apply for is $1,000.
  • Do I have to be a school to apply for a GreenWorks! grant?
    Any organization, community group, nature center, museum, school, etc. that is based in the United States or U.S. Territories and that involves youth in environmental and/or conservation education is welcome to apply for a PLT GreenWorks! grant.
  • I haven’t attended a PLT workshop, can I still apply?
    Applicants must have attended OR be registered to attend an in-person or online PLT workshop at the time of the application deadline. 
  • What can be used toward the required 50% “matching funds”?
    The two most common type of “matching funds” include material donations and volunteer time. You can also use other committed funds (such as other grants or money raised through fundraisers) or individual, private donations.
  • When will funds be awarded?
    If your application is successful, you can expect to receive a check in December 2018.

Have a look at PLT’s GreenWorks! Guidebook which offers practical ideas and pointers for getting a GreenWorks! project off and running

Tips for A Strong GreenWorks! Grant Proposal

  1. Make sure your proposal has a strong service-learning component. Clearly emphasize how students will learn through active engagement in the classroom and in the community. Emphasize critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  2. Involve students in planning the project as well as implementing it, and highlight opportunities for student leadership in your proposal.
  3. Include a strong connection to community partners, for example, organizations that can offer expertise and volunteers to help with the project, or retail stores and other companies that can help provide supplies, etc. Clearly establish how your project will offer opportunities for people of all ages to work together to enhance their surroundings.
  4. Make sure you include an itemized budget and that the budget meets PLT’s GreenWorks! guidelines. Secure and identify at least 50% matching funds for your project budget. Matching funds can include in-kind contributions, such as volunteer time and donated materials.
  5. Make sure you include the correct tax identification number and code for the fiscal agent who would receive the funding.