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Resources for My Trees & Me Guide

Access resources for individual Trees & Me activities, including downloadable Family & Friends pages.

Section 1 - Exploring Nature with the Senses

Activity 1: The Shape of Things

Children search for the shapes and colors that define both our natural and built environments. Access resources

Activity 2: Sounds Around

Children explore the sounds of nature and imitate them using their own voices and instruments that they make together. Access resources

Activity 3: Tree Textures

Children explore trees and their parts using the sense of touch. Access resources

Activity 4: Follow Your Nose

Children explore trees and tree parts using their senses of smell and taste. Access resources

Section 2 - Experiencing Trees through Seasons

Activity 5: Fall for Trees

Children explore the signs of autumn and play with falling, changing, and dancing leaves. Access resources

Activity 6: Evergreens in Winter

Children explore evergreen trees—and the season of winter—using their senses. Access resources

Activity 7: Best Buds

Children explore twigs, buds, and tree flowers while they celebrate the coming of spring. Access resources

Activity 8: My Tree and Me

Children compare trees and identify distinguishing features. Access resources

Section 3 - Meeting Neighborhood Trees

Activity 9: Parts to Play

Children make a tree costume and explore the parts of a tree. Access resources

Activity 10: Home Tweet Home

Children discover how plants and animals depend on trees. Access resources

Activity 11: Community Explorers

Children explore how their community—and the trees within it—provide things people need. Access resources

Activity 12: Three Cheers for Trees

Children explore the many products and benefits that trees provide. Access resources

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