Recommended Summer Reading for Forest Lovers

As the days stay sunny for longer, summer can be the perfect time for kids and adults to relax under their favorite tree and catch up on their reading lists. Explore some of our favorite all-ages books about forests and trees to connect with the natural world!

Red cardinal sitting on a fence

How to Introduce Students to Urban Birdwatching

Introduce kids to urban birdwatching and help them enjoy their immediate environments! Check out how to get started with urban birdwatching at your school, daycare, summer camp, or home, along with bird-themed activities that you can adapt for your classroom. 

conserve water nature family activity

Conserve Water At Home

It’s easy to waste water and even easier to take clean water for granted. Identify ways you can conserve water in your home.

reuse and recycle nature family activity

Reuse and Recycle At Home

Use this chart to analyze how you currently dispose of items and ways you can reduce waste, reuse items, recycle, and compost.

save energy nature family activity

Save Energy At Home

Lower your energy bills and help the environment at the same time! There are many simple ways you can save energy (and money!) at home.